Millions of Ontarians are opposed to Kathleen Wynne’s scheme to privatize Hydro One, including:

How are things with water privatization now?

  • The Toronto Star: “The Ontario government is heading down a dangerous path with its plan to sell off a majority interest in Hydro One. The risks involved in the plan are becoming more obvious, and the benefits to be gained are at best unclear.”
  • The Toronto Sun: “Premier Kathleen Wynne is holding a fire sale of Hydro One despite the fact it will damage the province’s long-term finances and increase its debt load.”
  • The Windsor Star: “Wynne’s plan appears to be a short-term solution that will cause permanent damage to Ontario’s economy.”
  • Post Media: “This looks like yet another bad fiscal decision from a provincial government with a well-earned reputation for making them.”
  • Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer: “The province’s fiscal position will deteriorate compared to if they didn’t undertake this sale.”
  • More than 185 municipal governments
  • 80% of everyday Ontarians

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Hydro Rates: The Problem is Privatization

Despite rebate, rural customers will still pay more

Rally Outside Hydro One Shareholders' Meeting

Hydro One Not For Sale rally in London

Shocking facts about privatized hydro:

Kathleen Wynne’s scheme to privatize Hydro One will mean:

  • Higher rates for you and your neighbours, especially if you live in a rural or First Nations community.
  • Higher rates for businesses in your community, forcing many to close or move to a different province.
  • More frequent and longer outages.
  • Less money for your local schools, hospitals, roads, and transit.
  • Less action to prevent climate change.

Who benefits from this scheme? Nobody except wealthy Bay Street investors and government politicians who will be able to use the one-time cash infusion to pay for some pre-election goodies.

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Hydro One Not For Sale, a campaign of The Citizens Coalition Against Privatization (CCAP)
Hydro One Pas à vendre!, une campagne de la Coalition des citoyens contre la privatisation (CCCP)