The fight to save hydro from privatization isn’t over

Toronto (Apr. 6, 2016) – It’s not too late to save Hydro One from the Liberal government’s corrupt privatization scheme, and the spokesperson for Hydro One Not For Sale says the fight continues as vigourously as ever.

“The vast majority of Ontarians understand this scheme is going to hurt them, and they’re not going to forget about it in the next election,” says Rosario Marchese. “The government can still reverse course. If not, Liberals across Ontario are going to be voted out in the next election.”

The announcement that the Liberals plan to sell another 15 per cent of Hydro One comes on the heels of revelations that the big banks and accounting firms benefiting from the privatization have been paying tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive access to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli and Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

“The rich have been using their wealth to push this scheme because they’re the only ones who benefit,” says Marchese. “We’re hearing that even grass-roots members of the Liberal Party now understand just how unfair it is.”

Hydro One Not For Sale volunteers are canvassing communities and holding town hall meetings across the province. Town hall meetings are coming up in Ottawa and St. Catharine’s.

The province’s Financial Accountability Officer determined the privatization scheme will cost Ontario hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year. Every year. Forever. Meanwhile, polls show more than 80% of Ontarians are opposed to this scheme because they know it will mean:

  • Higher hydro rates for people, increasing poverty
  • Higher hydro rates for businesses, forcing many to close or relocate out of province
  • Less public money for schools, hospitals, rinks, roads, and transit
  • Less control over carbon emissions and other pollution

“This privatization will be disastrous for the province,” says Marchese. “The good news is we can still stop it before it’s too late.”