Hydro One Sale Could Lead to Higher Rural Costs

By Janice MacKay, Blackburn News, (Apr. 11) – A self appointed energy watchdog says midwestern Ontario will face even higher costs as the province sells off Hydro One.

Bob Budd of Central Huron says low density in rural areas equals expensive power infrastructure.

And he says a private company will want to recover those costs.

Budd says rural property owners are already paying the brunt of the rate increases now, because there is often no other energy choice.

He adds, the sale of Hydro One will pay for transportation and infrastructure projects in the Greater Toronto Area, which will have little benefit for midwestern Ontario.

Budd argues the province should have been pouring money into combating transportation emissions all along, instead of wasting it on an expensive and not so green energy program.

Budd says as more renewables come on line, our reliance on emissions creating natural gas also increases, so by 2032 we’ll actually be increasing emissions.

He points out the transportation sector emits about 39 per cent of green house gases, compared to about 9 per cent from power consumption.

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