What Deb Matthews said when I asked her to represent the majority of her constituents …

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Letter to the London Free Press by Rob McQueen (April 23, 2016) – I am a part of the citizens group Hydro One — Not for Sale. We are trying to stop the sale of Hydro One by the provincial Liberal government.

I set up an appointment with MPP Deb Matthews to voice my opinion, but I broadened my discussion to Matthews’ role as a representative. I asked her how she could call herself a representative when we know that upwards to 83 per cent of Ontarians are opposed to the sale of Hydro One.

She told me she feels she was elected to think for her constituents. To which I answered, not when the number of your constituents opposed is into the 80 per cent range.

Perhaps some will want Matthews to think for them, but there are others who would like a representative who thinks the constituents are smart enough to make good decisions as well, and the constituents should be consulted. I thought that was what democracy was supposed to be — a representative hearing the will of the people and taking that to our governing body. Perhaps it has become an old-fashioned notion.

Rob McQueen, London

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