Tab for Hydro One privatization consultants could top $7 million, NDP says

NDP criticizes rising tab for consultants helping Ontario privatization czar Ed Clark as tally hits $7.5 million

By: Rob Ferguson Queen’s Park Bureau,
Published on Wed Jun 17 2015

‎The tab for consultants hired by the Clark commission on privatizing Hydro One and other Ontario government assets could hit $7.5 million, New Democrat MPP Catherine Fife said Tuesday.
Another $700,000 for research has been set aside on top of $6.8 million previously reported, Fife said after getting new figures in a freedom of information request.
“They refused to tell us what the money was spent on.”
The commission, headed by former TD Bank chief executive Ed Clark, is now researching how to begin selling wine in supermarkets. There are already plans to start grocery store beer sales in September.

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