Reader warns Peterborough taxpayers: don’t trust Hydro One

By J. Murray Martin, Letter to the editor of Peterborough This week (Feb. 25, 2016) — I believe Peterborough City Council should think long and hard before they sell off the electricity distribution part of the PUC to Hydro One.

Hydro One has become a large greedy entity that nobody has control over except the Ontario Energy Board, but they never say no to Hydro One’s requests for rate increases, and if the Liberals sell off the distribution part to the private sector, the OEB will have lost any so called control it did have.

I am a senior living at the same country address for 45 years, I was classified rural residential, medium density until a couple years ago, and even though houses are being built all around here, they changed my classification to low density, this increases the delivery charge on the bill. I now pay about double for delivery than I do for electricity.

I have always paid my bills faithfully, in full and on time, but I just received a disconnection notice stating: if I don’t contact them (Hydro One) within the next 10 days, so they can inspect\replace the meter, “we will need to pursue the remedy available to us for your breach of the Conditions of Service, which will involve physically disconnecting your electrical service.”

Would they really do this to a senior in the middle of winter? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes. Good thing snail mail delivered it in time.

They are simply buying up all the small utilities so there is no competition or control left, then you’re at their mercy, delivery charges being the largest part of the bill, (mine anyway).

To even consider this sell off is wrong and short sighted, long term revenue and possibly local jobs may be gone.

Once the money is spent from the possible sale, the City would have to make up for the now lost PUC revenue from somewhere, any guesses how they might do that?

J. Murray Martin

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