Hydro rates – Privatization is the problem

Hydro One press release Mar 4 2017

(March 4, 2017) – Until Ontario addresses the real problem with hydro—privatization—citizens and small businesses will continue to suffer crushing rates, says Rosario Marchese, the chairperson of the Hydro One Not For Sale campaign.

He says the Liberals’ latest scheme to cut rates won’t help and, worse, will doom our children and grandchildren to even more crushing rates in the future.

“The Liberals are embarrassing themselves,” says Marchese. “They say they’re ‘remortgaging’ our hydro system, but Ontarians can see right through them. When you pay off a mortgage, you own something. But the Liberals are selling off Hydro One to their rich friends.

“So we’re going to end up paying more for a longer period of time and we won’t have anything to show for it in the end,” he says. “This is just another snowjob that will leave Ontarians now and in the future having to decide between heating and eating.”

Marchese says that a quick look at the history of Ontario’s hydro rates leaves little doubt that privatization drives rates higher. When Sir Adam Beck made hydro public in 1904, rates dropped by more than half. For the next 95 years, public hydro ensured stable and affordable rates and Ontario prospered. But since 1999, the Conservatives and Liberals have been privatizing hydro and our rates have more than tripled.

“Even if the the Liberals’ latest scheme reduces rates by 25 per cent, many people and small businesses will still be paying almost three times as much as they were paying for hydro in 1999,” says Marchese.

“It’s time for a government that will address the real problem: privatization,” says Marchese. “We had nearly a century of public hydro that helped all Ontarians prosper. It’s time again for public hydro.”

Contact: Rosario Marchese at rosariofromshaw@gmail.com