Group meets to oppose Hydro One sell-off

CBC News Posted: Oct 12, 2016

The ongoing sell-off of Hydro One will cost the province revenue, jobs and lead to higher hydro rates, according to an advocacy group opposing the sale.

The group Hydro One Not For Sale participated in a public meeting last night featuring former Toronto NDP MPP Rosario Marchese.

“Create a local chapter in your own community. Create a fuss. Create a stir,” Marchese said. “From my sense of this meeting tonight I think they agree, the majority, that privatization is idiotic.”

Marchese told the crowd selling of Hydro One will mean the province will lose up to $500 million a year, will result in higher hydro rates and the loss of hundreds of jobs at Hydro One.

Marchese claimed the private owners of 60 per cent of the power company will chop personnel in order to save money, which will result in poorer service.

Marchese urged the crowd to join the Citizens Coalition Against Privatization and write to the premier and other Liberals voicing their opposition.

The meeting was organized by local NDP MPPs.

Marchese told the crowd if Hydro One is sold the province will never to be able afford to buy it back, because the $6 billion the province wants for it is far less than it is worth.

He traced the current higher rates back to the sale of 30 per cent of Hydro One by the Harris government.

Essex MPP Taras Natyshak said he and his fellow MPP’s are hearing stories of hardship every day and urged others to tell the government the same.

“Today is the opportunity to gather committed citizens and organize to continue to get that message out there,” said Natyshak.

About 30 people have signed up to form a local chapter to fight the privatization.

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