Citizen creates app to fight rising hydro prices

TORONTO, March 9, 2016  /CNW/ – When Colleen Shaw realized just how much privatization was making her hydro bill rise, she decided to tackle the issue the best way she knows how: by creating an app for that.

“This app is designed to make people aware of the undemocratic way in which the government is privatizing hydro,” says Shaw, the owner of TheAppRobot, a mobile application development company in London, Ontario.

Available to download for free on both Android and iOS devices, the “Hydro One Not For Sale” app will help users keep up to the date with the real time news and events across the province. Users can also email or call their local MPPs directly and lobby the provincial government to abandon its plans to privatize Hydro.

“The good news is we can still stop this scheme before it’s too late,” says Rosario Marchese, a former Toronto MPP and Chairman of the Citizens Coalition Against Privatization of Hydro One, a grassroots organization dedicated to stopping the privatization of Ontario’s hydro system.

Polls show that more than 80 per cent of Ontarians are opposed to this scheme. Almost 200 city and municipal councils and nearly 40 Chambers of Commerce have passed resolutions demanding the privatization be halted.

“Almost every single person and business in Ontario stands to lose if we let Premier Wynne sell off our public hydro system,” says Marchese. “This amazing communication tool will help make more people aware of how bad the scheme is for everyone except the wealthy few.”

You can download the Android app here.

You can download the IOS app here.