Campaign To Stop Hydro One Sale Visits Windsor

By Adelle Loiselle, Blackburn News, (February 19, 2016) – The chair of a group trying to mobilize Ontarians against the privatization of Hydro One thinks he’ll have some strong allies in Windsor.

Rosario Marchese with the Citizens Coalition Against Privatization brought his campaign to the Fogolar Furlan Club Thursday night.

He calls the Wynne government’s decision to sell 60% of the public utility “stupid” and says it’s not too late to stop it.

“They’ve only sold 15% of the 60% share of Hydro One, and we think that if we can stop them there, Hydro One will still be a public asset,” says Marchese. “Steven Leclerc, who is the financial accountability officer, he says that in ten years time, we would be losing $500-million in profits every year. Why would we give away $500-million every year, that can be used for infrastructure in perpetuity?”

Marchese has taken his campaign across the province and says the reaction from residents is the same wherever he goes.

“People feel strongly about what the government is doing,” he says. “Part of the message is how do we organize in a way that sends a message to the government? If we can do this together, we will have a powerful community-based response that every government will be forced to listen to.”

The coalition urges residents to write a letter to the editor, sign a petition, write their MPP and better yet, visit them.

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